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What is web hosting & how many types of web hosting?

What is web hosting? Some people will answer “Yes” or “No“, However, according to the latest technology, pressing the “Yes” keyword is essential. It’s not a big deal to be an online blog or website today. In the beginning, with strangers, they take the side of darkness. After getting acquainted, light on seems to be.

No one knows the things for the first time, otherwise, no one has come to learn from the previous birth. Some people have need to learn, fill their hosting space. No problem. I was also previously unfamiliar.

I have taught a lot about blogging in the two years of journey in 2015, initially, I did not even know what is hosting, I have gathered knowledge by a reading online blog like yours, to gain knowledge. To know anything, you have to start from anywhere in life.

You are thinking, what is hosting, today your answer is in this article. If you are a blogger or want to online business, it is very important to know for yourself.

So let’s start.

What is Web Hosting?

Before online business owners create their own website or blog, a hosting facility is required. When own building a blog, it is necessary to keep an online store such as Image, Video, Theme, Content. When all these things are stored, the place to Store is called hosting.

Your current files keep (documents, pictures, software etc) contain storage on your personal computer/laptop. Only you can use them, right?

You want to show those files to other people, then you can send the files to those people. Well, if many people think about hosting their ‘file’, then your website is ‘file’ and essentially it is kept on the Internet to see it.

So rather than sending complicated website files to the website, instead of looking at them on their website, they just write in their website URL and see it there!

For examples: My website is typed URL www.webbloggerpoint.com

When your browser converts this code into something that we can really understand: images, buttons, text columns and so on.

The code for the website is organized into a group of different files. Each person used the first file, can be made, modified, and can be removed. Files are also required to stay.

This hosting is actually a server, it is a compulsory computer that keeps a group of files and can process them. It has a CPU, memory, it has a hard drive, and other components included.

So when the host comes, what is the difference between the host and a server? Your host is a company that is in your content. In addition to giving you hardware for your website, the host usually provides a set of other services such as server management, support, malware scanning, backups etc.

If you want to buy hosting then there are so many providers online and can be purchased by registering.

When providers visit websites, many types of hosting will be seen such as the Web, VPS, WordPress, Cloud, Windows Hosting etc. The feature of all these hosting is different.

First of all, you can decide what hosting is required on your own.

You buy something new (First-time Member), then you will be drowned in this darkness. Which Hosting to choose from, so I’m going to tell the type of hosting so that there is no question at the time of purchase.

There are different types of Web Hosting.

There are many companies (Hostgator, Wpengine, Godaddy, Bluehost etc) online that offer many packages. It is up to you to decide which hosting fit for you.

For Examples: GoDaddy provides all the four types of hosting described in our header.

When you are going to get started, the easiest way to get this idea is to decide what kind of hosting you need and then look at all the different companies and what they offer for your hosting needs.

You know that there are basic ways to differentiate between hosting packages. First, to see the technique used in the server, in a way.

As such, we will see that, Hosting Godaddy, tells us our four categories web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. I am a regular customer member of Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy provider. That’s why I’ll tell your as GoDaddy hosting, it can prove and easy to understand.

The second way is to look at the management level, it runs only one OS, but like any other computer, there is no software package, it needs to be updated and maintained.

Most host servers offer management, but you can buy such servers. Managed servers work less for you, but there is less flexibility, a non-managed server means more work but more flexibility. There are packages which offer some management services so that between two unmanaged / managed systems, intermediate services have spectrum.

The third way is to look for additional services on offer. Some additional services: PHP version, backup, support level, transfer file supportable, malware scanning and cleaning, SSL certificates, free CDN bandwidth, uptime, free domain,  platform specific services (examples: WordPress), platform creation etc. All these additional things are required to be seen.

Looking at the technology that we use on the server, we are focusing on the first path come on four different GoDaddy hosting. So let’s go look at the GoDaddy hosting provider four types.

1. Web Hosting

Any hosting must be hosted on the Internet and it is known as web hosting service. Web hosting service is a hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to access their websites through the World Wide Web.

Web hosting works on one server. How many different customers are connected to one server? From one server, different customers are grouped on one server, so they are also known as “Shared Hosting”.

This server, which hosts your website files, databases and software, is always connected to the Internet and users who use the Internet can access the website from anywhere.

When you host your site on the server, you get a minimum budget and popular web hosting option. It is said to be a seamless host, with fewer features available and low cost. If you have a new business or want to learn, web hosting is a good choice. After the experience, such as high hosting payments can buy VPS, WordPress, Cloud etc. You can choose to host.

The category of Godaddy Hosting was viewed by dividing Web Hosting (Starter, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate). So that customers can get favourable.

For example, I do not want more storage and features, up to 100GB of storage will be run. You see the price in the image below, storage, email, free domain etc. give into the free with service it.

Go daddy Web hosting plan

Business Hosting Menu is available with features like computer hardware such as CPU, RAM. Of all types (VPS, Dedicated, Cloud etc.) of hosting, Web Hosting is more selling. Simple, because of low cost.

2. Wordpress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular content management software (CMS) in the world. 450% of the top 10 million sites use online WordPress, and for good reasons, WordPress is flexible, adaptable, large and user-friendly.

Talking to WordPress hosting, you can run from a blog to e-commerce store on a community site, complete with forums and private messages. Managed WordPress is a customized hosting platform for creating and administering our streamlined WordPress sites.

These hosting can only be used with WordPress software. When blogger considers using WordPress hosting, it will not work.

WordPress hosting, like Web hosting, different offer names will not be available on other providers. Only WordPress hosting name or manage host will appear.

This is a major feature that the website owner does not need to do anything in WordPress, the all management company does the hosting company. Therefore, we also called managed hosting.

You can choose hosted WordPress hosting on your website by becoming a stress-free website. WordPress hosting in Market is more cell, with traffic higher, but it will be expensive. View the GoDaddy WordPress hosting offer in the screenshot below.

Godaddy WordPress hosting plan 2019

These offer plans will look different on other providers (HostgatorWP Engine,  Bluehost etc.). These providers can check the offer at the official sites.

WordPress Hosting Benefit:

  • Superfast Speed
  • Regular Backup
  • Bulletproof Security
  • 100% Up-time
  • Automatic All updates
  • Excellent Support
  • Scalable RAM
  • Save Time
  • Performance-enhancing caching
  • Free SSL Certificate in WordPress Hosting

3. VPS Hosting

The full form of VPS is Virtual Private server and it is also known as Virtual Personal Server. Virtual server (Memory, Storage, CPU etc.) is virtualized by creating virtualization software and then this process is referred to as virtualization when there are many physical servers in any data centre.

The VPS server is still a shared environment, but the way it is shared is very different. First of all, the VPN server is usually limited to 10-20, a VPS server is actually divided into several parts.

Because if 10 are users, so comes the 10 GB RAM and 200 GB hard drive server, each user can use 1GB RAM and 20 GB of space.

Once you press the boundary of the RAM, your site may go down, but others will remain stable. A hypervisor is responsible for the management of virtual machines, which will separate them in the server.

Say in simple words, VPS is like a hotel room, where the room has its own right, meaning there will be no sharing in my room except me. VPS hosting works the same way. A VPS Hosting server has been split across many virtual servers, each website has its own virtual servers. Each virtual servers require apart resources.

Many VMs can be made on any physical server according to their hardware resources, the OS can be installed on any virtual machine. When a customer takes VPS service, hosting companies give one of the VMs hosted on the physical server to a VM customer.

According to the requirement of this virtual private server, the client uses the operating system, disk space, and bandwidth. By default, virtual machines on virtual servers, using virtualization, many custom virtual machines are called VPS. When someone is given access to VPS, then only it can see that VPS is not a machine and not a complete physical server.

When your website is due to shared hosting and its limited resources, then your website requires hosting, your website is not working properly and your budget is not very bad.

Hosting VPS is often necessary. When your website is on shared hosting and due to its limited resources, your website is not performing well and your budget is not very happy.

In this case, you can choose a web hosting like low-budget alternative solutions for dedicated hosting. VPS hosting also knows the scope of shared hosting for those people and dedicated hosting due to their website boundaries.

This can be a good solution for those who understand technology and want more control over the hosting environment.

What do you want then Many features are available with VPS hosting, all hosting providers offer different offers and features? See GoDaddy VPS hosting plan in the screenshot below.

Godaddy VPS hoasting

Viewed in the ScreenShot is more expensive than Web and WordPress Hosting, this is the thing that Storage space gets less.

See the first options VPS Hosting in this image regular price 1,749 / Month with 20% off (1,749 * 12 = 20,988) also.

When WordPress Developer (4th option on 2. WordPress Hosting Heading, see image) Hosting will take regular in 1 year and cost 1,199 (17.27)/ Month * 12 = 14,388 ($207.22). This WP Hosting 14,388 ($207.22) features a feature like 50GB Storage with 8,00,000 monthly visitors and VPS Hosting 14,388 offers 50GB Storage. Out of these two options, you should choose one of them. Which is the plan to choose?

The question is who is going to get you the hosting, Offer and Storage, then you can calculate this way. Can shop later. This is right, VPS Hosting 14,448 is faster and high speed than Wordpress Hosting.

WordPress hosting in the world is very popular and selling. I’m not saying buy WordPress hosting. It is necessary for all the peoples to be in needfulness.

4. Dedicated Hosting

You have a good website shared on a shared server that attracts visitors and the number of visitors is growing very fast, then you have to think about upgrading your website’s hosting plan. When your website is on shared hosting and you are considering upgrading web hosting, then you have two popular options available – VPS and dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting Know What is it? It just got to be talked about Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated hosting service, in which the website user or business organization leases (or rents) complete physical servers and that server are not shared with anyone.

This hosting is more flexible because the customer has full control over the hardware, OS, etc. of the server. These dedicated servers are kept in the data centre, which has a safe and reliable environment.

The owner of a dedicated server is always a provider, then the customer gives monthly and annual rent to the server and uses its services and resources. Choosing a dedicated hosting server provides some benefits – high performance, security, email stability and full control.

Customers have all the rights to control a dedicated server and configure the client in some way, such as the hosting environment. But it is very important to know that when you should take the dedicated server, you can not manage VPS hosting, then you can opt for a dedicated server.

Prior to dedicated hosting, the website and website should be fully reviewed because the dedicated hosting environment is very expensive and is looking for technical expertise. But if your company is generating as much revenue as dedicated hosting. If VPS does not manage your website’s traffic, dedicated hosting is the best option.

I can say that have a hardware specific requirement, or you want to gain more control over the privacy of your data than elsewhere, then you definitely need a dedicated server. A dedicated server can spoil you which is one of the worst things, but it is very good from the security point.

Take a look at the image below, why is Godaddy Dedicated Hosting price so you know that VPS Hosting is more or less cost than.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Hosting

Apart from this four hosting talk differently exist different hosting. Like Linux Hosting, Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Windows Hosting, does not matter at all. It can happen that there may be a change in Server, Features, Cost, Speed. All companies keep having different names for attracting customer and make a little change in the feature. And nothing else.

You are considering buying a hosting, then I would recommend going to this website hosting providers, go to BigRock, SiteGround, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, GlobeHost, Namecheap, WP Engine, Nextraone, InMotion, HostMetro.

All of these hostings will get low and high costly hosting. I am pushing the provider on behalf of the good discount. These providers can increase their business, get high traffic too.

If you want to know about these hosting, I will write articles next.

There is a question about hosting in your mind or you are confused when buying a new hosting. So in the comment box say below. I will help you.

You liked this article, please do not forget to comment for the feedback in the comment box. Share these articles with your friends and family.

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