How to submit website URL in bing search engine

How to submit website URL in bing search engine?

Your website or blog has been submitted to the Google search engine. But, Bing has submitted to webmaster tools. There are some people who have to submit, and some people are probably unaware of Bing webmaster tools. You will definitely be familiar with this.

In addition to the Google search engine, Yahoo and Bing search engines can help you run organic traffic on your website. To make your site appear on Yahoo and Bing search engines, you need to tell Yahoo and Bing about your site.

Bing webmaster tools is a free tool. Which helps you submit your website and sitemap to Yahoo and Bing Search Engine. Bing webmaster tools is a common place for adding your website to both search engine yahoo and bing.

You do not need to add a website to these two search engines and submit a Sitemap in different places. You must submit a single Sitemap, which can easily index your website in both yahoo and bing.

If you want to submit your website or blog to Bing webmaster tools, then how do you submit your website in this simple step? We are definitely going to help you with this question. So come!

How to submit to the website Bing Webmaster Tools?

It is necessary to adhere to the first main step 2, then a fist to verify your website by code and submit the sitemap to your website in seconds, both of these steps are easily explained.

First, visit on and login if you do not create the account

After entering, enter your URL for the homepage of your site and click the “Add” button below which is explained in screenshot how to enter the URL.

bing webmaster tool submit sitemap

Seconds, after clicking the “Add” button, a new window will be asked to enter your site and a Sitemap, which is mentioned in the ScreenShot below.

submit sitemap url on BWT


Now click on the “Add” button below which will eventually convert to a new window, where you will be prompted to copy-paste the code, paste this code under your <head>.

copy-paste code in your website

After copy-code in your website, go back to the Bing webmaster tool and click on the “Verify” button.

This website has been submitted completely and has been verified in your site’s Bing webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool is even easier than.

It is a 24-hour wait after the website submit that will start indexing.

So these articles helped to submit your blog to the bing webmaster tool, definitely tell us your feeling in the comment box and share it further.

If you have any questions, tell in a comment, we are definitely ready to help you.

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