Google sitemap submit beginners guide

A google sitemap can easily crawl pages of your site, such as search engines like Yahoo and Bing, which help in better indexing. It is necessary to crawl all the contents of your website or blog so that Search Engine can understand how many Page, Image, Post has been uploaded.

In today’s post, I will tell you how to submit a google sitemap for the blogger blog to Google Webmaster, submit a sitemap for Blogger, following guidelines is not difficult to follow is a step-by-step method.

First, if you are a new reader, then you need to verify the site in Google Webmaster, click on the link below, and get your site to verify, then submit a sitemap.

How to submit a Sitemap?

Visit Google Webmaster Tools to submit a Sitemap. Now you have to sign in to your Webmaster Tools dashboard from here, now you are ready for the Sitemap link.

Inside the dashboard in your google webmaster tool, on the right-hand side, you will find an option named “Sitemaps”. I have already submitted a sitemap, I repeat to help you.

Click on “By Me” to see another submitted google sitemap and you can submit a new sitemap from here. If you are submitting a first-time Sitemap, then click on “By Me” only.

By me click in google webmaster

After following the above steps, click on “Add / Test Sitemap” to submit a Sitemap file, and on this page you will be able to see what a search for sitemap may be by Google or if any of you or your team already has Which sitemap file has been submitted and enter sitemap.xml as the screenshot below.

sitemap submite in google webmaster

After entering the Sitemap, click on “Submit” and click Refresh the page now your site has been fully submitted.

This is done by submitting a google sitemap like this and the type of sitemap you have generated can either submit it here or submit a sitemap that has been edited in the custom robots.txt. If you want to know, then click on the link below to read it.

After submitting the Sitemap, your post index will start after 24 hours. When indexing starts up, then blue will start moving in the blue and red graph as described in screenshot. If you submit an image and video sitemap separately, you can also see the status of those links.

If there is an error in google sitemap submit, then please comment on the comment box, I will definitely help you.

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