What is a custom domain name

Custom domain name benefits of using it on the website

To make us our income, first of all, we started the journey from the online blogger forum. Which are the same Famous Forum on Blogger and wordpress.com

This platform was used with the company’s symbol domainname.blogspot.com and domainname.wordpress.com. Because blogging investment is zero and has gained a lot of experience on this forum.

But who is eager to make a career in blogging. But behind the blogger professionality, heavy thinking or HTML, Javascript, CSS Coding demands knowledge. A feeble is also seen in themes. People without paying this knowledge, paying self-hosted blogs is a great option for professional bloggers.

Blogger became a medium for starting the blog. Some people are shifted to WordPress.org (self-hosting) after making their own experience. These platforms require both domain and hosting.

You think buying a share or web hosting and getting more traffic in 2 days This is wrong thinking. It takes time and requires the optimization of “on page” and “off page SEO”. These internal things help in increasing traffic from these fast.

When I talk about choosing a domain, then I would like top-level root domain names like webbloggerpoint.com, webbloggerpoint.net, webbloggerpoint.gov, webbloggerpoint.edu, webbloggerpoint.org, webbloggerpoint.in etc. I can use.

When you sign up with a Blogspot or wordpress.com, instead of the original domain you can choose the sub-domain described above.

What is the custom domain name in this article, and will discuss the custom domain advantage?

What is a custom domain name?

Custom domain name is it that is easy to remember words we can use to communicate with a DNS server, the website we want to visit.

Domain name system (DNS) translates to the favourable name of Ip address, at least, like international phone numbers, the domain name system provides memory-making and easy-spelling addresses on each server, such as webbloggerpoint.com.

The domain name hides the IP address that most people are not interested in viewing or using such as addresses by webbloggerpoint.com.

In other words, it is so easy to type “webbloggerpoint” in your web browser and the domain name is so incredibly useful.

The custom domain name in your form is required. You are showing the company your boss on the free platform. Can you also finish the brochure by selecting your custom domain name?

If you are blogging for a year and can drive much traffic, your blog may have created some domain officers, but when you can switch to a custom domain.

When you search your blog in a search engine, your new address will not appear for a short time, Google takes time to link juice from old sub-domain to your new Root TLD.

You may need to update your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts to display your new name.

When you can always use the old Analytics code in the new domain, it will be strange to measure your metric for the new domain name under the old domain name, submitting a sitemap for search engines, on all social media profiles, on your blog’s Address may need to be updated.

Now you can understand what is a custom domain name that is needed in Blogger now will discuss Benefit of a custom domain.

The benefit of the Custom domain name

Using custom domain name has many advantages but there are lots of advantages. It will help you understand the main five Benefit easily, instead of replacing the free domain name, add new domain name has been listed on the bottom.

  • In the search engine (especially Google) like linking the root domain instead of .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com domain, the probability of better performance in search engines increases.
  • You can choose to have a domain name such as admin@webbloggerpoint.com, like a contact email instead of Gmail or Yahoo Mail.
  • You can also increase the likelihood of getting approval for your AdSense account.
  • Root level domain is more reliable in users’ eyes If you are trying to blog, you will have a very easy time with a Custom Domain, in which you have a free sub-domain.
  • Rather than using the custom domain name, Alexa Ranking can easily help in increasing high ranking.

What is the Custom Domain and after considering it as Benefit, you are recommending keeping a custom domain instead of your original domain (Free Domain) which is more interested in good traffic and earning.

I started a new domain name after 32 days after custom domain name on Blogger initially. What are you doing lately, interest in making money?

There are many domain providers online, who can buy at lower costs with offers.

Yes, This can be a benefit, it’s a matter of profit. When hosting buy do happen. If you can get the domain for free, your goal is to get the hosting, then it is a matter of great benefit.

If you have to buy a domain or hosting for your blogger, then I am pasting a website provider list, which can be purchased at a lower cost.

In the above list, the domain can be taken between Rs.100 to 900. If the offer is running then before the soon-to-be-bought offer ends.

And edit your custom domain name in Blogger if you are unaware of the edit in the custom domain name. Below is an article below about “How to edit custom domain name”.

If you are confused about getting a new name for your custom domain, then let us know in the comments, we will definitely help you.

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