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Create free blogger blog & how to write post

Who wants to start an independent blog and earn money from it?

Are you. Are you ready?

What is a blog? They became familiar, but how to make a blogger Blog? To create free blogs on blogger, there is no need of HDT, here all three are in free. We talked about the past HDT.

I’m going to talk here, blogger free platform allows customers to create a blog. Making a blog on this platform no a big scary thing, it is easy to make a blog on blogger. After reading these articles, while expressing your feelings, you prove to yourself that it easy.

Before starting, a Gmail id needs to be taken up by this blogger. If not, register at This product is Google. So impossible to create a blog on a blogger without Gmail.

Just go to type into the google search engine.

When you go to, you will open the like Screenshot below.

Blogger Sign In page

In it there are two types of features to log in- First, the page’s an orange colour button in the centre and the top right corner of the page, SING IN the place named. Click on one of two options, Login Box opens, enter Gmail and password in it.

After the login, a new page will open, the blogger will call you welcome, blogger allows you to choose one of two options. (Profile Options).

You are using Google+, you can click on the “Create Google+ Profile” button you want a profile like this. If you need to create a new profile, you can create a new profile by clicking on “Create a Limited Blogger Profile”.

You are going to click on the option “Create Google+ Profile“, then these options will take you directly to the google+ profile. This is an advantage, using google+ profiles gives you an identity on Google properties and connects you with your readers, so that they share and recommend your content on the web and in Google+.

You want to use a different identity such as aliases, you can choose a limited Blogger profile instead. You want to click on this “Create a Limited Blogger Profile”, you will ask “Display Name”.

Despite clicking on options one of these two, the page will open as shown below ScreenShot.

Display name in blogger

You can feel that you have come to the Blogger dashboard. No. There one stage remainder, selecting a title, address and themes in it when these options are available after doing “Create New Blog”.

After Profile Options select appear the dashboard in blogger-min

Entering Title, Address and Themes as shown in the image. In address is for writing, select your domain by adding a name to it.

enter blog title, url and themes in blogger

Avoid using your personal name as a domain name and instead, use some common domain names that you can later brand with a custom domain.

You can then select a blog template (you can change it at any time), and click on “Create Blog”

Remember that you can not remove the Blogspot name from the Domain Name, this is the symbol of the company. If you want to delete, custom domain (New Domain buy like Bigrock, GoDaddy etc.) will be required.

There no need to remove it here because your aim is to create a free blog.

1. How to Write Blog Post?

Now your blog has been created, there are some settings you want to set up on your newly created Blogspot blog so that it’s easy to use. After clicking on “Create Blog” you are in a Blogspot dashboard place.

Blogger Main Dashboard

All options on the left which help in creating a blog. What is the meaning of blog, blogger and blogging in the past know, that people who manage it with all these settings are called blogging? These are actually seen now.

There still some setting left, now we go to settings. There are seven options inside this setting, these are very important, there is no need to do all the settings here. Need time to do it over time.

Now we go to “Languages and Setting”, after changing languages and Setting, click the Seve button on the Righ Side top corner. It is necessary to do this, why it is necessary, it should be known.

Now we will start writing blogs, go to the first options “Post”. Click here for New Post.

Here you can write about what you want to write, look in the ScreenShot.

Blogger blog post complete writes

See how I wrote, image, Title, Description, Label etc. Writing on the blog, easy to write and manage tools. You are going to write a blog on the blogger then it will be a bit confusing, after writing 1 to 2 posts will be understood.

If you have MS Office knowledge then good. I think that all have common knowledge will be there. Anyone not unfamiliar.

1. Blog Post Tools

Now what we know about blog post tools, these tools have used you in the past, very simple. This tools blogger helps when writing a blog, so let’s see.

1. Undo And Redo: Undo the previous action to reverse the action and works again on a computer that does any undo function again.

2. Front: This option, you can change your text style. Like is the used in our post “Arial” font?

3. Font size: These options can change the font size to five different stylish sizes.

4. Format: This option is good for SEO, this option is being used like H2 (Heading), H3 (Subheading), H4 (Minor Heading), H5 (Normal).

5. Bolt, Italic and Underline: Presents text with strong (bolt) emphasis, which is usually heavier than surrounding text. Italic the selected text, which usually appears to be tilted on the right and Adds a line under the selected text.

6. Strikethrough: A strikethrough is a font effect that causes the text to appear, though it has been exceeded.

Examples: This lesson should have a line in the middle of this lesson.

7. Text colour and Text colour background: These text colours can change and The second option, the background colour (Highlight Text) changes behind the text colour.

8. Add and Remove Link: These options point to another URL, which is of course very important for SEO. If you want to see, first of this article, Title-1. and click here will visit the blogger site.

9. Insert Image and Insert video: There are 6 types (Upload, from this blog,  from google album archive, from your phone, from your webcam and from URL) of different upload image features, tap on insert image options and you can upload the image. The second option, insert video option-Here permits you to upload 3 types different (upload, From YouTube, My YouTube video) video.

10. Insert special character: Blogger gives you many options to make your posts more attractive. By using this option, you can add many stylish and useful special lovers to your blogger post. The type of symbols and letters you choose depends on the font you choose. Example: in some fonts fractions (¼), international monetary symbols (£, ¥) etc. There are many categories you can use your wish and essentially.

11. Insert jump break: Jump Break is a simple and good feature before you can create a show on your blog’s homepage. You can add paragraphs in your blog post or jump for text. Displaying the intrusion of your tutorial or article on your blog’s homepage.

12.Alignment: Text alignment is a word processing feature that gives users Left, Centre, Right side alignment text the post. Apart from Text, the image can also be alignment.

13. Numbered list and bullet list: This options, alternately known as an order list, number format or a list of numbers, the ranking is a list which is used for the checklist or set of steps. Second options, Alternatively known as a bullet point, the bullet is an asterisk, a black dot, a board or other icon found before the text that recognizes the key object or another important lesson.

14. Quote: These options can be used for new ideas, suggestions etc. example:

Do not focus on having a great blog, note making a blog that is great for your readers.

15. Removing formatting: This option has the remove-formatting button, which is indicated by any text eraser. You have formatted your post and need to work again, you can select the text and click on this button to remove all the formatting from the selected part of the text.

Example: I have written a blog, Microsoft Office while copying this text to a blogger post. In this text, in the effects-copy paste blogger such as Text size, Bolt, Underline, Colour, they will come with all the effects. It “Removing Formatting” button is used to remove all effects.

16. Check Spelling: This options, the help of this text, the mistake of spelling in your post is highlighted.

17. Transliterate Words Typed Phonetically In English Script: With this help, you type in English (keyboard) according to your language (19 languages).

18. Left to Right and Right to Left: This option, all text alignment the right or Left side text, which side you want to write it.

That 18 options post help me in writing, it does not end there, are understood on the right side options (Post Settings). After writing these options blog, it is necessary to set up and write.

2. Post Settings

These settings are quite successful as SEO after blogging, blog generated time, description, location etc works like on the search engine. Without this it is difficult to rank in the search engine, according to these settings, visitors find on google. A matter of taking special care before publishing blog. Let’s.

blogger blog Post settings

1. Labels: The label is known as the blog categories.

Example: For services, about us, contact us are the pages that you add to your menu tab. So users know about your blog how you serve this service. Labels show many related blog posts which are related pages.

The second example, we say that you are running a cooking blog and you are posting “how about making pizza” You are sorting it with three labels, like cooking, oven and pizza.

Now you are posting another topic about France fries. You are sorting it with fries pens, fries and cooking. So if your visitors want to know more about cooking, they will use the cooking label which opens twice.

Now understand how to use the label.

2. Publish on: These options help when publishing your blog. The published time is taken in the past time. like in today the date and time are 12-29-2017, 2:00 PM. I want to publish date and time in yesterday, like 11-29-2017, 8:00 AM. You can do this way.

3. Permalink: The Permalink is one of the most important aspects of Blogger SEO in Blogger Setup. Before publishing it, this post should be set for each post.

Permalink is closely related to the title and permalink works with the title. When a title is written, the permalink creates the same form of generator. Therefore, do not write more than the correct 60 character, the probability of getting hidden in the search engine increases. Blog titles look like this.

Blog Post Title for WBT-hidden

Permalink is two options, Automatic and Custom.

Automatic options work by default. Permalink does not necessarily add. But when choosing a custom option, editing necessary here.

For custom options, permalinks have just written 30 characters for better SEO purposes, don’t write long words with permalink, because SEO can have the bad effect.

Do not add symbols such as a symbol (/, -, =, (),!, ~ Etc) with permalink When you want to use these symbols, the blogger you warns of adding. You try.


Wrong permalink:  Top-5-blogger-for-affiliate-networks-in-the-2018

Good SEO friendly permalink:  Top-5-blogger-affiliate-networks-2018

When you publish the blog like, after would look the permalink blog post published.

Tips:- The knack of writing a permalink related to the blog post title will give good results in SE.

4. Location: You want you can add your location (Map). There no need to make some changes here, this option is not used much.

5. Search Description: You just have the Search Description options off on the blog. After creating a new blog in the blogger, these options are required to be on. No need to turn on for every post.

Once enabled, every post and page will be on.

First, your question, why is Search description important? Whenever someone searches on blog or website related information on google, then google uses that information blog or website found on google list show.

Look like this image works on the below this way. I search “8 reason optimal why blogger fails” to on the Google search engine.

title, description & url in blogger blog

The first Title, Permalink (Blog URL) and Description will show on google search engine like this. These three are necessary, it difficult to find without it.

Have you thought of enabling it? Let’s

Go to the Settings + Search preference = Meta tags (Description)

Follow the ScreenShot.

blogger settings description enables

Then click “Yes” to enable search details. After the enable, all post and page will be available description option under right side location. Before visiting your post, it necessary to enter your blog description in the empty box.

The first time, your blog is required to enter a description, this of your blog. You would think that all posts will be seen in a similar description, no.

The post description is written in the post, the blogger has features like this to enable description.

It’s written once, will look like this.

blogger blog description

According to image follow meta description, I have written, 150 characters written inside, the blogger does not permit more than 150 characters and clicks on Save to button after typing.

The blog and post description is different, the post description (Do not write more than 156 characters for SEO) written differently in every post and page. But, the blog description comes in writing at one time. It explains that. This what the blog is about.

6. Options: That does options allow the comment, HTML literally and line break on-off in your post. There is no need to make any corrections. Of course, in the time we will see in advance, I don’t think that will definitely be used.

7. Custom robots Tags: According to Google SEO periods, post content search engine results can be shown on your according to your wishes. That options choose can be tailored separately posts and pages.

Do not do this.

Want to have the same settings on each post and page, again go to settings. Select the option according to the image below and save it.

Go to the Settings + Search preference = Custom robots header tags

custom robots header tags blogger blog

If you do not use this tags, Google indexes all posts and page by crawling them of your blog. That will not cause any errors on your blog, such as a problem with duplicate content, it is difficult to rank in Google.


These are two different URLs, but the content of the collection URL is similar to the content of the post. This the reason, that there will be a problem with duplicate content. Which reduces your search engine visibility.

To prevent this, we need to use the blog’s advanced settings custom robot header tags. Isn’t used to stop duplicate content, but you can use for your convenience.

Online some people copy-paste from other blogs to their blogs, then post and page are allowed to be hidden in search engines. Primarily, if you do, you can not make money with Google Adsense.

How many posts will keep on the search engine? There more post than you can get more traffic. To get more traffic, keep focus and all post-show with told in the custom robot header tag in the image, select it.

Even for a blog writer, the general process runs.

Last stage.

Are you thinking about sending your blog to the visitor?

You have even followed me, the post will have something written.

blogger publish, save, Preview button

If you want to save this blog as a draft, you can click on “Save“. Meaning- on blogger, the blog will be saved as offline (Daft). Nobody can be seen.

To show, the “Publish” button is required for the blog post to reach the visitor and search engine.

After you publish, you can click on the “Revert to Draft” button when you want to reverse the blog from Publish.

The Preview button works like Experiment and permits the “Close Button” to end the blog so that you can write a new post on the blogger.

This way, there is a process to create a main blog.

This post is for every reader, which has no blog and is looking for an easy way to create a free blog. I started ( my blogging journey with BlogSpot, and I upgraded to WordPress later, right now, built on WordPress.

I will continue my experience even further, to get the experience, don’t forget to subscribe that my experience can be found in your email.

If there is any question related to this post, please comment us, I will help you.

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