choose blogger templates layout beginners full guide

choose blogger templates layout beginners full guide

You must know that blogger is an easy platform. At blogger, when creating a blog at the beginning, the themes are seen at the option of choice that eleven themes are available. Absolutely simple themes, this can reduce interest in Blogger on a more professional business.

Some people use blogger as a novice. After a lot of experience, having a desire to change on a self-hosted WordPress. This Idea is a better one. Where we are more impressed with liking our desire customized themes, apart from this, there is more benefit to WordPress.

But, I’m not going to tell you about the history of WordPress, in this, how do you choose a templates for a blogger who has many providers online that sells blogger templates.

When buying with blogger templates online provider, you should choose features such as Look, Layout, SEO Friendly, Speed Time, and help you can rank better on search engines.

And SEO friendly themes should also be there. If SEO is not friendly themes, then you will not be able to rank in the search engine.

You would also be familiar with SEO and had to go to an article.

In SEO, on-page and off-page, all of them are given the first themes in the term. Because SEO is the biggest factor. It is to be considered that without it we cannot update or write content, video, image etc.

How you choose the house layout for a content, video, image etc.? If you want to know this, then let’s go to discuss it.

How to Choose a Blog Templates Layout?

When you start a blog then one of the first things you should do is to choose a blog templates layout. Do you want your blog to look like a Traditional website? Do you want to see it as an online portfolio or magazine?

There are several types of templates layouts, what you have decided to create a blog about. Similarly, it is important to like template layouts.

Initially choosing template can be confusing. At first, it seemed to me like this. Unless you know how you want your blog layout to appear, you can not choose a template.

So I’m about to share 6 popular type blog template layout options that will help you make a decision.

1. One-Column

First-Column for blogger template webbloggerpoint

One-column blog template layout does not have a column with any sidebar on either side of that content. Blog posts usually appear in reverse-chronological order and look similar to online magazines or a page.

One-column blog template layout is usually best for a private blog. In this type of column template, there are only one post articles, no widgets can be placed on the sidebar.

I think considering building an English blog, one-column template layout is good, it seems a attract. If Hindi blog is considered, then one-column does not attract much attention.

Such themes have been seen on Blogger, Notable and Soho, which Blogger has updated these themes 8 months ago, has become popular.

One-column blog template this layout can also be. The grid style on the home page, two in the post row and the sidebar are hidden. Available in Notable and Soho themes feature.

2. Two-Column

Second blogger template WBP

The two-column blog template layout includes a Wide Main column. Which takes the screen width to at least three quarters. Also, a sidebar that can be seen on the left or right of the main column and the blog post contains the reverse-chronological order in the main column, right now you see my blog is a two-column template layout.

Here you can put widgets according to your interest in the sidebar which is present on the right side of my blog. This is a good idea for SEO and yes, it is also a good idea to have many benefits from applying widgets like archives, ads, RSS subscription links, category.

The two-column blog layout is the most common because it allows bloggers to provide more information and features on the same blog in the form of their blog posts. I like these two-column template layouts very much.

3. Three-Column

Three-Column-theme WBP

The three-column blog templates layout consists of the main column, which is usually spread around two-thirds of the screen width, as well as two sidebars.

Sidebar left and right can be seen on it, so they head towards the main column or they appear on the left-hand side of the main column, the blog posts are displayed in the main column.

Depending on how many additional components are being displayed on each page of your blog, you will need to use a three-column blog template layout for each column.

4. Magazine

The Magazine blog templates layout uses specially displayed space to highlight specific content. If you read the news then definitely the design of the theme be seen.

It’s good to configure that you can configure a magazine blog template to display videos, images and blog posts in a way that is similar to the most popular online media sites.

Using different types of content boxes, compared to the homepage blog, the newsletter resembles a page in the magazine blog template layout highlighting important content every day, which is best for a blog and at the same time on the home page that content needs to be displayed.

But, magazine template layout can reduce the speed of your site or blog. My advice is that if you use a one-two-three column template layout, SEO is good for it.

5. Photo, Multimedia, and Portfolio

Photos, multimedia, and portfolio blog templates layouts are used to show a number of images or videos in a fascinating way, not including text, but the text is so visible that there are two small paragraphs from one.

Generally, images or videos are displayed on the homepage and it is the home page of a blog that uses a photo, multimedia or portfolio templates layout.

If your mostly blog content is made up of images or videos then the photo, multimedia, or portfolio blog template layout will be perfect for designing your blog.

These templates layouts are used when it’s a blog about a category, such as photographic, musician, teaching, about yourself. Such a blog is mostly created on WordPress only, there are many features that make your interest.

This is an experience on the blogger. There is also one-two column features in this viewing template layout.

6. Landing Page

It is more appealing to appear. Like we do more in such a template. Landing page blog template layout converts your blog to a sale page Which is designed to get conversion using any form or any other method.

These templates layouts are on the home page as well as in the form of customization of all your info, blog, subscription, member, sign in-login, service page, company product, ebook selling. More appear on WordPress.

Some providers sell such a template on blogger but do not seem to be very professional.

Apart from this, the layout is available like Website or Business, E-Commerce, Resume. This is available on Wordpress, the template you see as a professional.

About Blogger Premium themes

When you prefer blogger templates free, these are not SEO friendly and high-quality, if you want to earn money on a blogger then choose paid themes on blogger.

Because the paid themes receive the benefit of such features as responsive, Mobile friendly, Loading speed, Widget code, Email newsletter widget, Remove footer credits, For Unlimited domains, Get premium support, Remove encrypted scripts, regular template Updates.

This will give you a good chance to rank in your search engine when you go to buy a theme near the blogger templates provider.

When you want to buy with it, your Debit-Credit card accepts payment via Paypal. Send a template to your email, all you have to do is upload it to blogger.

If you want to buy blogger templates, then I am giving blogger templates lists below. Which looks professional in fast loading, SEO friendly, viewing.

This is my five favourite blogger templates and one of the five must have liked it. If you do not like this, then I am pasting the list of blogger providers in the.

These five providers have paid and free themes available, even in high quality.

Apart from that, there is a provider who sells themes that look like their landing page online.

Is this the theme of your choice? If you want to buy then a list is available down.

In this last paragraph, I say that this post definitely does not forget to share with the novice blogger, the novice blogger can make his business or blog more professional.

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If you are confused about choosing a template for blogger. If you question us in the comment box, we will definitely solve your question and if you are going to buy the first-time theme then surely comment.

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