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before blog create 3 things need to DHT

Blog going to create so before creating the blog 3 things is needed.

When the author writes his book and gave it to the shop, earned money, it is over. But, the author will organize the book before writing the book. The organizational white page, pen (published time book size: 5.5 “x8.5”, 6 “x9” etc).

This way, it is important to organize many things online before create a blog or website, such as Hosting, Domain, Themes.

Keep in mind that if you want to create a blog on a blogger, themes, hosting and domain are easily allowing Blogger to use you with a free limit. If you want to become more professional about your business, then you can also install these three themes, hosting and domain and install it on your Blogger.

If you want to start a blogging career on then it is important to have a compulsory hosting and domain. Here the themes profession will be found, which can take the rule of their own will. You can also do this if you want to buy a premium themes WordPress.

Blogs are a great way to express yourself, make new friends, and earn some extra money. What is a blog? Know about it but, you are a new visitor, you are unfamiliar with Blog. First, here visit the link What Is Blog?

Today, I am going to say you some important 3 things for a blog that you need to know before starting.

1. Get the right Hosting

You live at home, things like home are not available in the world, where will you live? In this way, it is like a house of host blogs or websites because without hosting, it is impossible to host images, templates, content, themes and videos.

First of all, liking the blog is for business and by earning PPC (Google Adsense and Affiliate by for Earning).  It is important to have good traffic for hosting, it is important to increase business growth. And if this is a matter of earning by PPC, then this is a better option. Better Hosting (High Traffic) purchase of two options is right.

For the ultimate options, and are a great platform, you can learn without money and if you have invested money in the blog, then your desire.

He can also run his business on the free platform, but gets very less traffic and takes time in the rank on Search Engine (SE).

According to the latest technology, many online hosting providers are available on the site. But I give you the suggestion like to, for three different options, the provider’s name can keep buying here, Bigrock, Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, WP Engine, Cloud and Squarespace hosting.

You visit this provider site, you will see four types of hosting, Web, VPS, Dedicated, Linux, Business hosting and WordPress hosting, WordPress hosting can be great for your business, but expensive. And WordPress hosting can bring high traffic.

WordPress hosting is the most popular content management system. It gives the power of today’s most active websites and there are a large number of blogs in it. Just to understand that some of the hosting providers are at the same level with the same features.

Your natural inclination is to go with price options, some are cheap, although there are some good facilities and many customer services are provided, if you wish, go with the Bluehost.

It’s cheap, and its customer service is always great. Before we can actually see the hosting company to use, it is important to understand what type of hosting is.

And one thing to go to hosting provider sites is to find out whether the discounts are available so that they are available in cheap plans.

This is very cheap to see offer hostgator WordPress hosting plan.

hostgator reseller, VPS, or WordPress hosting plan

Before choosing the plan, select storage long (100 GB, Ultimate) Plan. Because blog traffic starts coming good now your hosting storage 30GB is full then there is no way to expand, to don’t hosting storage extend way.

According to me, choosing an unlimited hosting plan is better and do not be afraid of House-full storage in the future. Multiple domains can be added with unlimited hosting.

If the full guides are required, then go ahead to know Hosting in advance. click here What is web hosting?

Tips: Don’t use Free Hosting

Now let me tell you, you will not use free web hosting because sites like Wix, Volusion,, or Weebly etc, which provide “free online website builders”, have a bad effect on SEO and give you zero flexibility.

In fact, it is not possible to run a business on your site. Do not even think about going this route, I promise you that it is not worth it.

2. Get a (TLD) Domain

It’s important to have a name for your website such as your name. Choosing this type of domain name is important for your success. If you are unfamiliar with the domain, then look in the ScreenShot below.

domain name explain

You are planning to create a free blog on the famous platform ( and, then with the company provider- I mean the blogger is at and at with free You will have to buy a domain to remove these Blogspot and WordPress. This is the company’s mark. Learning is blogging for a free Platform is better, then one can use the famous platform.

If you have thought about the purchase, while taking the domain, keep in mind that the domain does not match the name of any other website, if you choose the address of website, there is no website. The “Unique Names” you choose are better for your business. When you choose a domain, keep the name unique.

Some people choose new names for long names, they can be wrong, names should always be kept in 15 words, such as this domain name is 13 words and keep the minimum 5 words. And TLD (.com, .org, .net, .in, .edu), the most popular .com.

The famous provider’s sites can buy the domain on GoDaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator, good when you are planning to buy hosting because domain hosting comes free – I mean: not necessarily to buy a domain separately.

Example- In the Economy Godaddy Hosting Buying, Regular price 449 / Month + 12 Month = 5388 Yearly, when the Offer was 77% Off when the purchase was done, with this 1 website (Domain) came free, see you in the ScreenShot below.

In this way, you can choose your domain name.

3. Template (Themes) Design

When you start a blog. You should first choose blog template layouts, do you want your blog to look like a traditional website? I do not like it, like the design of my favourite portfolio or magazine, I like the design, you can be someone else. Everyone’s motive may be different.

You will find simple design templates in the forum like Free and you will find many types of themes in There will be no credibility in the free themes, because quality like responsive, SEO cannot be found, that is very important.

When it comes to premium themes, generally, premium themes are of better quality than free ones. But this does not mean that the quality of each premium theme is good, it does not mean that you do not get free subjects You can definitely do this!

You are going to choose a template, the theme layout will be available in a variety of ways such as One-Two-Column, Magazine, Photo, Multimedia, and Portfolio, E-Commerce, Landing Page, which theme you need for your business, blog, Commercial Shopping site etc. Depends on this.

For new Themes, please that you prefer keeping SEO in mind. So do this, like mobile responsive and Premium themes such as one and two columns, footer and header, sidebar, this SEO is very good. This is my blog, look at that this beautiful blog, how simple it is to look, can like such themes and is better for SEO.

If you want to make a commercial shopping site, then you can choose themes like Amazon, Flipkart.

For Wordpress and Blogger, where to download the theme.

Blogger: Blogger free themes available but, not professional themes. If you want to take Premium ($6 to $36) and free themes then visit these sites.

WordPress: As long as the premium themes, are purchased then the download is done, the rest is going to be used in free, 10000 more themes and plugins (53,000)  free on WordPress is available. If you want to use premium themes and plugins  ($56, $145 etc.), then the sites below have been given.

So if you are considering blogging on first-time blogger or blog on WordPress, then these three things are considered, then you can start your blogging journey.

In the beginning, if there is any problem in preferring a Hosting, Domain and Themes then comment in the comment box. I will definitely help you.

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