How to add custom domain to blogger blog godaddy? step-by-step

You got the experience of free blog, which was used in company free domain (, etc.) to remove this, you have to do custom domain and have chosen a Blogspot as the hosting platform, this guide will definitely help you.

This guide will show you the full explanation of why Blogspot custom domain names are best, about the benefits and how to setup it.

Most newcomers come for blogging, then they usually ask the first question, which is the best from the blogging platform or self-hosted WordPress.

For some reason, like the blogspot platform owner, the google team recommends hosting themselves, and they have the right to remove the blog at any time, while others lack the plugin and theme and many more. But in my opinion, at the initial level, Blogger and are the best choices.

In this guide, I am not going to show you the difference in various blogging platforms.

You can see why the Custom Domain for Blogspot platform should be used and how to set it up.

If you want to get a good experience with the blogger platform, then you should change many aspects in it, the custom domain name is one of the important aspects that you should take care of.

In the initial stage, you are not a technical person, so you chose blogspot domain name because you do not know the benefits of the custom domain on traffic, SEO and branding level.

The only thing about the blogspot platform, which is not liked, is a blogspot domain name, which can easily be set by setting to the blogger custom domain name. After setting up a custom domain, your Blogspot blog URL looks like “”.

Your questions will be, what is the custom domain name?

Custom domain names are a visible URL from my perspective, if you want to host setup on the Blogspot forum, your blog URL looks like

But if this is hosted by a Blogspot custom domain name, then the URL will look like me, which is This URL is amazing and memorable.

Benefits of having a custom domain name.

  • Often, if you choose a blog domain name, it’s easy to remember that users compare .blogspot names and also reduce domain name lengths. So your visitors come directly to the blog and look professional.
  • You can start a blog with a Blogspot name, sometimes the important opportunity you can choose after getting the custom name is available last time. Here I chose a brand name for blogging and a good webbloggertps is. The first domain found on the blogger was that I ran for 22 days, later located on a custom domain.
  • When you choose a custom name, you should include some keywords that make SEO friendly domain names. Generally, you increase the likelihood of getting admission for a custom domain name and look unique.
  • Generally, the branded website does not want to return a link to a vegetable domain name due to spam. With custom names, you are maximizing your chances of getting more links that will help your blog promote more search engine traffic and Alexa ranking.

If the buyer is left, there are many registrars available in the market, which will give you the domain name with the option of different extensions and it will be very cheap. Here I’am recommends some registrars to you.

After purchasing and you already have a custom domain, you can follow me. I’m going to be a customer from GoDaddy provider, so GoDaddy setting is going to run.

How to add custom domain names to Blogger using Godaddy?

This is the first step where you will add a registered domain name to your blog. Just log in to your Blogspot dashboard and go to Settings > Basics and you’ll see an option that publishes + clicks on blog address > set a third party URL for your blog.

How to add custom domain names to Blogger using Godaddy?

Here you need to add a domain name that you purchased, and after adding the domain name, it will give two CNAME records and 4 records for which we will need the next step.

Click on > Set up a 3rd party URL for yourself Please blog, and add the domain name you purchased.


Note: You must add www as a prefix to a domain. (See image for better understanding)

Once you add the domain name www, you will see an error saying “We cannot verify your authority in this domain. Error 12 ..” and you will get a CNAME record that you need to configure (see screenshot).


Now once you have these CNAME details, it’s time to enter and change your domain control panel.

Now, follow the next step in this guide and your Blogspot custom domain name setup will not end at any time.

Setting CNAME and A records for the Blogspot custom-domain name.

Here, I will process with the Godaddy Registrar, and in this part, you do not need technical expertise, so do not worry about it.

Log in to your Godaddy accounts dashboard and click on My Product You will see a screenshot like this.

Click-the-DNS-in goadaddy dashboard

After clicking on the DNS option in the screenshot above, click on the “Add” button at the bottom of a “Record” name page.


After clicking on the “Add” button, a box will open, in it select the CNAME name option to “Type”. See the below screenshot.

CNAME-box-Godaddy domain

Need to enter Host (WWW) and Point Name (  in BlogSpot here and Add both to one by recording from your Blogspot settings screen. Both of these screenshots is easy to set up for you.


Click Add another and copy the second CNAME record from your Blogspot page.


Click Save and both “Host” and “Points” are both we have added, just to do some settings, downside.

Adding “A” Record to Your Domain DNS.

This is the last step where you only need to add 4 IP. Your single record address is running the above process, you only need to add A record to the place of CNAME. I am sharing a screenshot that will show you how to add records, and so on, you can add all 4 records.

Click Add Record, select the A name under the record type. In the hostname, add the part @ and add to the destination IPv4 address.

First-records-IPv4 address

In this way, you must have a total of 4A records and look like this for your final screen record. Here’s the IP4 record that you need to add.


We have completed A1 records, three A1 records like the Screenshot below.


Here is my final screen of a record page on Godaddy.

A4Records godaddy

Now once you have CNAME and a Record setup, you have to wait 5 minutes to 4 hours for these changes to reflect globally. You have to go back to your Blogspot dashboard and click on when you save the changes.

If CNAME and A records are updated globally, then “We are not able to verify your authority in this domain.” Error 12. “In this case, your custom domain will start working, it only takes 5 minutes.

If you see an error that means you have to wait a few more hours to add a custom domain name.

Once it is added, Google will keep a part of redirection, and whichever opens your Blogspot blog address, it will be sent to your new custom domain name. It will work perfectly for internal pages, and you will not lose any traffic or links.

One last thing:

In addition, you have to click edit here and you need to redirect the www version of your domain to www. Simply click on the edit and check the options “Return to from” option.

The Blogspot team’s official support page is for setting up a custom domain name.

The entire process is technically visible, but once you are on the dashboard and all follow the above steps, it will be easy to implement for you.

If you are blogging on a Blogspot platform for a long time or for a long time and have not used the Blogspot custom domain feature, then I recommend that you use it for better branding and make your blog more professional.

You have stuck anywhere in this process and you need some help, feel free to tell me through comments.

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