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The WBP was built on December 21, 2018. Like our Indians can read their blog in Hindi language by using simple language and can convert their business into their business. This blog is for bloggers who are ready to learn how to change their blogging to their successful business.

For people who are unemployed or a student, there is an outreach platform, by logic of their idea, by restoring their creativity, and making changes in their earnings and other features.

WIC is telling this direction how to create a blog, how to earn money, how to manage blog on the blogger platform, adsense, hosting, social media, google etc.

About Kundariya Dharmesh

My name is Kundariya Dharmesh and I am passionate about technology and internet marketing. I’m interested in Surfing, Online Reading, helping others to help me.

Normally I have studied as a Mechanical Engineer and now I am a blogger by profession.

I started making blogs on BlogSpot in 2015 and had done many Mistake but, it should not have been done, in the new Blogger was not some suggestions.

Creating and managing a blog was unfamiliar with some knowledge. Some days the blog was created, was not stopped by the Traffic and Blog was stopped. The traffic became boring and then this Idea came and started writing the blog. So it was not necessary to have time to increase Traffic. After creating the blog, there are more than 5000 traffic coming in one day. You are thinking this is wrong then.

Today, Sucssefful has become a blogger, I am very happy today. Remember to be always Happy who wants to be a successful blogger

Creating a good blog is not a game of rum, it is very important to have creative ideas, good ideas, Knowledge with them. While writing a blog, Happy Writing is important, keeping Happy from being able to do his thinking. I recommend to the new blogger to make changes in his Reding such as New Story, News, Any Book etc.

On WBP, I share with you about what I have learned in such a time about how to earn successful blogging and online income.

I can not promise to finish you overnight, but if you are ready to do so, to become a successful blogger, then I promise you that I will be successful for earning Effective and Increasing Income.

If you have the desire to learn basic writing skills, passion, to become your own boss and to change your life, today WBP is an ideal place to start your new journey.

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